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Rural India Social Engineers (RISE) is a voluntary, not for profit organization for the welfare and development of marginalized rural and urban community. It is an initiative of concerned professionals including Social workers, Lawyers, Doctors,Academicians to channelize their concern on sustainable and scalable basis committed to the liberation and emancipation of masses from the throes of disease, malnutrition, ignorance, illiteracy, poverty and unemployment. RISE is committed to render, channelize educational, health and livelihood programs accelerating social, economic and political progress of the helpless and needy.


With this idea, the group registered itself under the Societies Registration Act in the year 1987 as ‘Rural India Social Engineers’ and subsequently under Foreign Contribution and Regulation Act (FCRA) in 1991 and is exempted under Income Tax Act by Govt. of India. Governing body of RISE, an informed body with Global thinking and perspectives with local concerns for pragmatic action had chosen one of the most backward districts of the country - Adilabad , Andhra Pradesh as its focal point to initiate social engineering interventions to ameliorate the conditions of the people in 1987.