About Us


RISE strives for initiating and accelerating sustainable development activities /processes through establishing and enhancing high quality relationships among resources and stakeholders for securing social and economic justice in harmony with environment and through mechanism of enlightened community participation and self help groups.


Protection of environment and bio-diversity with feasible livelihood options for the target groups.

Planning ,execution

 &acceleration of  programs and projects that improve health, nutrition, educational status of the needy

Socio-economic and political empowerment of women and marginalized groups.

Advancement of science based awareness and to channelize Science and technology fruits to the needy.

Provide platform for advocacy for the cause of poor and powerless  to secure responsive state policies &programs.

Preservation of social and cultural ethos of cultural specific groups.


To promote social consciousness and social equality and to eradicate social evils in the community.

To conduct and organize economic and income generating programs specially for scheduled castes, scheduled tribes , Physically challenged, poor and the backward.

To conduct and organize educational, health and welfare programmes for children, youth women and adults.

To provide agro services of all kinds to enable the farmers to enhance agricultural productivity and to develop infrastructure in villages for storage, processing and marketing of agro & horticultural produce.

To preserve and maintain the balanced ecology to prevent pollution of the environment

To foster coordination among individuals , groups, communities, voluntary organizations, government

Agencies, banks and other institutions engaged in development and welfare activities to implement the schemes and to channelize  the schemes