1.              EZE (Evangelisehe   Zentralstelze Fn) Entwicklungshife e.v.      Germany

2.              Help Age International                                                                         United Kingdom

3.              CRS (Catholic Relief Service)                                                             USA

4.              Inter cooperation                                                                                 Switzerland


Association / Partners

1.              State Social Welfare Advisory Board, Govt. of AP

2.              Ministry of forestry (thru. Deccan Development Society), Govt. of India

3.              CEC (Centre for environmental concerns), Hyderabad, NGO

4.              NEDCAP (Govt of India) Adilabad

5.              NYK (Nehru  Yuvak  Kendra), Govt. of India , Adilabad

6.              CAPART (Council for advancement of peoples action and Rural Technology,                                            Govt. of India)

7.              Save Grain Campaign, Govt. of India

8.              NIN (National Institution of Nutrition) Govt. of India.

National and State Government Bodies